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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I think the Orwellian changing of the school's wins to losses is absurd. As I understand it, the school is being punished for the bad behavior of the coaches covering up child molestation, not for cheating. How did child molestation help the team win games?

You could argue that them keeping the child molesting a secret helped them recruit a lot of the players they got over the last decade which in turn hel[ed them win games. Taking wins away from JoePa is great to me because its obvious all he cared about was having the most wins in history. It just shows you can do this and its something baseball should do with the roiders so they dont hold every record in that sport. Make Hank Aaron the HR king again, Maris the single season holder, and Gehrig the Grand Slam holder instead of Afraud.
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