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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
I just saw a post about Laver and Newcombe at Wimbledon, and who was better at his peak.

Federer just won his 17th major there, tying Sampras with seven each.

So I started thinking about the best grass-courters of all time playing there in the semis.

Who would you pick?

I'd take Fed, Sampras, Laver, and maybe Gonzales or Hoad. But Tilden was also a great grass-courter, and Borg.
You have to consider Jack Kramer, John McEnroe, Becker and Edberg also.

Are we talking about peak level because Kramer and McEnroe would clearly be top choices. Vines would be considered also.

If we're talking about top level for one match you may have to pick Lew Hoad. Huge serve and volley, huge returns, speed and stamina. It's ironic you made this thread because I was sending an all time grass court draw I made to someone.
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