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Hey guys I need a little help with a customization issue. I just switched to the Head IG Speed 18x20 racquet and love the way it plays. HOWEVER, it seems to have a lack of stability, probably because of its swingweight. So I was wondering if I should add lead tape to the 3 and 9 o'clock parts of the racquet or do you guys suggest another spot. I really prefer not to make the racquet weigh over 12 oz. I am turning 16 in 10 days and I am ranked top 200 in the nation on Tennis Recruiting. I need some help you guys. Thanks!!! (y)
You could try the Djoko setup and put huge strips of lead down the sides center just below 3/9 o'clock and huge strips under the bumper at 1:30 and 10:30. And, he probably loads the handle to counter balance.

Try adding 1.5 g at 3 o'c 1.5 g at 9 o'c and 2 g at noon. Counter with 2 g under the replacement grip wrapped around the handle pallet just above where the plastic butt cap ends (about 1.5 inches from butt end) and 3 grams wrapped around the handle pallet 7" from the butt end.

Assuming 1/4" wide lead tape, then one 4" strip of lead tape weighs approx 1 gram. to apply 1.5 g at 3 o'c, place two 3" strips center on R side of head with 1 strip on each side on string grommet. Put the strips on the interior side of the frame and not on the outside.

This will add approximately 10.5 g of swing weight to the frame. With a vibration dampener, your frame should be around 330 g swing weight which is good. And, I don't want to hear how this is too much weight for you and it will slow down your swing speed because that's a bunch of BS. If you are 16 yo top 200 junior you can handle this easily. I play 335 g SW and I'm 55 yo average size male. My wife plays 330 g swing weight and she is 54 yo small woman.

If you like this and want more power and stability, increase all lenghts by 1" to add about 1.5 g to the head (6 total strips * 1" = 6" total = 1.5 g) and this will increase SW about 3 g to 333. Offset handle weight proportionately too - add 1 gram to near butt location and .5 gram to 7" location.
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