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Originally Posted by 5555 View Post
I have got proof that it's generally agreed that Borg was the real No. 1 in 1977:
"But even though World Tennis magazine declared Vilas No. 1 for the year, most other authorities disagreed and bestowed that mythical honor on Borg.” The Bud Collins History of Tennis An Authoritative Encyclopedia and Record Book
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It's obvious that Vilas had the best results over the whole season. That is undeniable. 1977 Borg cannot compete with 16 tournaments wins, 2 majors (plus another major final), a 53 match clay-court winning streak and a 46 match winning streak. Borg just didn't have the activity needed, nor the number of major wins.
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It would seem that there is little "general agreement" here.
Like I said . . . .
In the end, the aggressive all-court player always has the advantage against a power-bashing baseliner.

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