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Thanks ... the NJ team is in trouble, the DE team has a solid shot.

In NJ we just don't have the depth we need. We got a solid 8 but you saw how many courts we defaulted over the second half of the season. At least we should not default any this weekend. I am curious to see who will come out of NJ .. there is always a team of ringers. Unfortunately, most of our ringers went with the Philly team instead.

The Delaware team is solid. We finished undefeated without dropping a court over the last 5 weeks. We have a good core of ten players and have another 2 that are dependable. Unfortunately, we do not have any self rated out of level players. Our next closest competitor has two self rated dudes he has been hiding. One has bageled all 4 guys he has played but only against the weak sisters. The other is a rising high school senior. The captain has not brought them out against any of the stud teams so I am curious to see how good his ringers actually are.
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