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I finally bought my something I've been searching for for 4 years
Rafa's 2008 wimbledon shirt
I had the shoes, shorts, bandanas and writbands
But now I have the complete set
Here is a list of my complete set and the things that are missing
I'll post the pics tommorow
All are Rafa's outfits
* complete means (shirt, short, shoes, bandana, wristbands)
2006 RG (complete)
2007 RG (complete)
2007 Wim (complete)
2007 USO (no wristbands, bandana or shoes)
2008 AO (no shoes, wristbands or bandana)
2008 RG (complete) (VAMOS!)
2008 WIM (complete!
2008 Olympics complete
2009 AO (day and night complete)
2009 IW (complete)
2009 Clay season (complete)
2009 RG (complete)
2009 USO (no wristbands or bandanas)
2010 Miami (complete)
2010 Clay season (complete)
2010 RG (complete)
2010 Wimbledon (complete)
2010 US Open day and night (complete)
2011 AO (complete, shirt authographed)
2011 RG (complete)
2012 AO (complete)
2012 Clay season (complete)
2012 RG (complete)
I'll also try to complete the US Open 2012 set (day and night session's)
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