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Originally Posted by DHender499 View Post
Hi Jay1,

I stumbled onto your post and very much appreciate it. My book, "Endeavor To Persevere," was a labor of love, written with the mindset that I was a witness to a remarkable history. In being a recorder of that history, I felt it my ultimate duty - as the eyes and ears of those reading the book - to be meticulous about my facts and the events that I wrote about. Beginning in 1974, I would write during and after each Open. I always knew these writings would be a memorialized in the book that you praised so highly. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to know those words brought pleasure to a reader.

Stay well,
Douglas Henderson Jr.
Hi Douglas, Great to hear from you, i'm very suprised but really pleased you read my posting. Are you still around tennis much these days?
I live, eat and sleep tennis everyday. I'm fortunate enough that tennis is also my career as well as my passion. I run my own tennis club in London.
It would be great to talk more with you? I'm sure we can exchange a few stories about tennis. I would love to tell you about my latest tennis project, it would certainly take you back to the 70s & 80s? My email is
It would be great to hear from you. Best wishes-Jay
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