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Originally Posted by cmb View Post
steve johnson was a fat and out of shape So cal junior player going into college.

Mitchell Krueger is a top 5 ranked ITF junior, huge difference there! Johnson had nowhere near the options that Mitch has availible to him.
You people here amaze me!, it doesnt matter if Mitch doesnt win a match in Futures qualies for the next 5 years, his expenses, his training, the best sports medicine will all be available to him. What happens if he doesnt have a great year in College? he has no offers, and stuck in College station...when he gets out...hes left to grind it out on his own, with his own dime. SJ has done well doing it his way, but Im glad mitch didnt listen to the Naysayers here and gone to college.

He has the best shot at becoming the best player that he can possibly become for the next 5 years, all paid for by someone else. How can anyone suggest going to school?? only in america people would say stuff like this!
Not me , I am American and believe he is making the right move , If he stays focused on the task at hand he could do great things ,shows a lot of stones to make that decision I am proud of him!
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