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Originally Posted by LeithaL View Post
thanks! i'll try that tomorrow. quick question. I'm assuming that i would want to retain the racquets original balance of 4 points headlight, or do i want to change that? if i want to keep it, i'm assuming that if i put lead tape at 3 or 9, or if i put it on 12, should i put the same amount in grams at the handle? Why is it that for the polarized setup that there is more weight at 12 than at the handle, which is the same for the nadal setup which is 9.5 at 12 and 2.5 at the bottom? Does an overgrip tamper with the weigh at the bottom whatsoever? Also 8 grams doesn't seem that substantial for such a light racquet, should i put more? Thanks for any responses
well the whole point of the APD is a racket that is light enough to whip with ease, but a sw high enough to give it some punch. you can add as much wt as you want really.
and dont worry about the og wt.
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