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Here's the thing, if I had better consistency, I wouldn't be 3.5

I got beat recently again by a guy who hit slice moonballs for his forehands, and slice drops for his backhands. I spent half the time either running to the net or waiting while his ball fell out of the sky. It wasn't fun for me.

So I'm thinking I'll start playing at 4.0. I've been losing 6-3 6-3 to these slicing 3.5s. When I play a guy I know who wins 50% of the time at 4.0, he legitimately beats me 6-3 6-3 by hitting winners.

I'd rather lose to 4.0s who hit actual winners than 3.5s who hit a thousand moonballs until I get bored with the rally and dump one into the net.

Pushing is just sad, that's all. It's sad because I don't feel like I learn anything or get any better when I play these guys. When I play guys who are legitimately better than I, who hit harder shots, with more consistency, etc., I feel like I step up my game and improve. When I'm with these guys who win based upon my errors and nothing else, I play worse.

A female friend of mine watched a few games and later texted me saying, "You didn't play your best, he was hitting semi-lob slices every time, you couldn't get into a hitting rhythm."
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