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An more...
31. A lion kills a tiger in a pit fight on a palace compound of an indian maharajah prince in front of thousand’s this is not the gir fight. -
It’s on this site called tiger territory, on lairweb .com here…
32, TIGER; THE STORY OF THE INDIAN TIGER 1977 By well known Indian Zologist Kailash Sankhala. Saw four accasion’s lion’s defeated tigers in the wild.
His book was taken from his oringinal text here…
33. Jam sahib well respected of 40 year’s of zoology of lion’s and tiger’s in india has wittnessed 3 fights having all lion defeat tiger’s in his book here…
Also in his summary, when he exploited keshari singh he point’s them out again here…
34. 1834 diary of a literature lion defeat’s tiger.
35. A lion kills a bear and tiger in 1 fight.
37. Bob greene speak’s of an old video of local’s of india having a pit fight with a lion fighting a tiger, and the lion won, due to his mane…
38. The lion also is protected around the neck by the heavy mane, which is an advantage. There is one instance I remember where a full grown lion and very large tiger engaged in combat, by unforeseen chance of course. It was when the John O’ Brien Show had its winter quarters in Philadelphia and I was connected with it. “A lion and a tiger were in a compartment cage, with a partition between. In some manner this partition was battered down in the night and the two big fellow’s got together. They had probably been issuing challenges to each other and promising what they would do to one another if the chance came. When morning arrived we found the two in the lion’s cage, the tiger dead and the lion all chew and clawed to pieces, but still full of fight.”
~George Conklln, “Adventures With a Circus”
39.Another lion kills male tiger(Fort Wayne Gazette, 1882
40. Male lion kills male tiger, The Hammond Times, 1935 ,
41.Male tiger killed by a lion (Tri-City Herald, 1956 ,
42.Adult male tiger was killed by a male lion , F. Jefferies, 1834
43. Lion kills male tiger, Fort Wayne, 1902
NEW YORK. Nov. 2. -Tradition that the tiger is a better animal then the lion in a fight has been disproved as Sr. Nicholas Garden, where one of the biggest striped denizens of the Bengal jungles is suffering from rips and tears inflicted upon him by one of the late king of the South Africa forests. The press agent did not give this story out. Probably he would lose his job if he had, for Bostock is careful to suppress any news tending to show that his animals ever exhibit sanguinary instincts when in the arena. The two big cats in question were brought together several days ago to become familiarized with each other for purposes of a contemplated act in the show ring. The tiger walked nervously up to the lion and began rubbing his nose over the latter's haunches. A low growl was the response. But when the tiger inserted his teeth in the lion's mane, Leo uttered a roar, unmasked his ivories and crouched. The tiger retreated a few feet and then sprang high in the air, intending to come down on the lion. But Leo deftly side-stepped and when the tiger alighted he grabbed it by the head. A twisting of the teeth and a large section of the tiger's face, including one eye, was gone. The trainers and attendants now tried to separate the beasts, which for several minutes rolled over and over each other, snarling, roaring, biting and scratching. Finally they were separated. The tiger, mutilated and bleeding, cowered in a corner, while the lion was defiant in another.

44,lion kills male tiger Syracuse Herald, 1929
45.,lion kills tiger O. Breland, 1963
.A Lioness slew a male Bengal Tiger (Ward, Lock, Bowden, 1896 )
46.Animal reserve:Lion kills 2 tigers one juvi siberian tiger and 1 adult bengal tiger, an had another lion whiped 2 tigers in the same cage…

...I seen a african lion maul our adolescent male Siberian tiger to death. The adolescent was a year old. It is extremely sad that these fights are used for entertainment but at the same time I was awed to see one lion defeat two large tigers with all 3 animals in the cage at the same time.
-My teammates and I were transporting a male African Lion into a cage neighboring a Bengal Tigers cage in Kenya. There was a small opening in between the two cages for intermingling of neighboring animals. It was supposed to be closed at the time but someone forgot to close it. The lion sprang from the transportation container through the opening and mauled the tiger of similar size. We tranquilized the lion but it was too late. Two days later, the tiger died due to fatal wounds. It was a very one sided fight where the lion spent much time chasing the tiger.
47. lion kills male tiger
48. lion kills male tiger Logansport Press, November 15., 1934
49. "A lion slaps on the face of a tiger as they fight for the control of a pool at a zoo in Nanjing, east Chinas Jiangsu province July 18, 2004. The lion finally occupied the cool water of the pool in the summer heat wave after it defeated its challenger in two minutes."
~Peoples Daily Online
50. lion kills tiger ~Coventry Evening Telegraph, 25. of september 1903
51. Thrill’s at Galore lion kills tiger
52. lion kills tiger "The Jungle behind Bars" by Courtney Ryley Cooper
53. lion kills three tiger’s Source: Altoona Mirror, September 27., 1928
54. Lion kills another tiger source: The Herald
55.lion kills tiger in Roman arena
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