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The same trainers have mostly said that the male lion appears to have no fear of the tiger even in a large group of tigers. The big cat trainer Clyde Beatty lost 12 tigers to lions and didn't lose a single lion. He once had a tiger and lion fighting in a live performance and tried to stop it he couldn't and the lion went on to maul the tiger to death in front of all these people. He also had a lion he called Sultan the First and he beat ever male tiger he ever faced. There are 3 films that have been made about fights between a male lion and male tiger and in all three the lion won. 'Lion-Tiger Fight', 1930's, Castle Films (16 mm) is a short documentary about a fight between a lion and a tiger which occurred during an expedition to capture some tigers in the Gir region of India (The only place where you can find lions and tigers living together).
58. lion kills male tiger in pit fight
59. 1957 Frankfurt Zoological Gardens,
a free for all erupted at performance of 10 big cats 8 lions an 2 tigerís the 2 tigers were killed by the lionís and 2 lions were killed by the remaining 6.
Animal facts and feats: a Guinness record of the animal kingdom
60. Lost Atlantis Or the Great Deluge of All
And slew before their wond'ring sight, A wild beast conquered in the fight. A tiger
who confronting stood And from this lion sought for blood ; But in this sanguinary
strife The tiger sacrificed his life. While with flesh torn from slaughtered prey, ...
61. The lion mangles in his lair the tiger of the east
63. Art in the Hellenistic Age
Another mosaic in the House of the Faun , now badly damaged, showed a lion
standing over a prostrate tiger.
64. The tale of Pompeii
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