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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
Corners, Im on it, I have a 95, taking suggestions on how to build it.
Good man

I reckon you've got two nice smooth avenues:

1) Match it to its little big brother, the Pro Staff 6.1 90. People really seem to enjoy the lower swingweight of this version compared to the K and BLX90s. The specs (354 grams / 31.5 cm balance (9HL) / 324 swingweight are very similar to the Pro Staff 6.0 85 after all.

Add 7 grams at 12 o'clock. Two layers of 3.5" strips starting either side of the two center mains. (If you're not worried about restringing then go 2 layers of 7" strips centered.

The 95 has a higher twistweight stock (lots of mass at 3&9 to try and compensate for the low swingweight, I guess) than the 90. So adding lead at 3&9 would make it pretty sluggish, especially for someone grooving on the VCore 95.

To counterbalance: 21 grams 4 inches from the butt. This is the hard part. The stock grip is already as heavy as leather, so that easy route is closed. Best way would be to inject silicone in the handle, but that's quite a production. Another option would be to wrap 11 grams at the top of the handle and cram 10 grams of tape (or some fishing weights!) inside the buttcap trapdoor. Kind of a pain, and that's why Wilson uses metal rods inside the handle and metal plates under the handle foam to do their counterbalancing. You could always tape on a padlock

Edit: No, no. No padlocks required. Just take off the stock grip and wrap 84 inches of 1/4" leadtape (or 42 inches of 1/2" tape) from just above the buttcap to the top of the handle. If you're careful you'll get a nice smooth wrap because the tape is maleable enough to spiral without overlap. Then put the grip back on. The handle will be a little bigger.

2) Match it to your 95d. This is much easier because we don't need so much handleweight:

5 grams at 12 o'clock
6 grams inside the trap door. 6 grams of folded lead tape fits nicely inside the trap door. Just fold it so that it fits into the little "box" shape of the inside trap door cover. The thick Babolat 1/2" tape is really nice for this, but you could do it with regular tape too - just takes a bit more time. It there is any space left over between the lead inside the trap door cover and the black plastic end of the hairpin just cut a little piece of overgrip so it spaces the gap and prevents any vibration.

Gee, the second mod sure does look easier. Wilson should have put a lighter stock grip on the 95, which would have made it much simpler to bring it up to 90 spec by slapping leather on.

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