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Originally Posted by Beacon Hill View Post
Last year our top player was Rik De Voest. He had a ranking of about 150. Unfortunately for him and for our spectators, he lost in the first round (he was jet lagged and came up against a very good teaching pro from Vancouver). Our new format will, of course, keep a player like him in the tournament even with an early loss. Ironically the teaching pro lost in the next round to someone who lost in the next round to someone who lost in the finals. It proved that on any given day, there are a lot of players out there who can compete at a very high level.
Yeah i know Henry. I see him when he's over in Calgary for our money tournament in July. He's vulnerable in poor outdoor conditions but indoor he's a beast where his all court variety and weapons are more of a factor. Always great to watch him play. That's one of the nice things about your tournament. Indoor with a reliable schedule due to weather not being a factor and the tennis quality is always highest indoor. Past few years have been rotten luck with Calgary “summer” weather.
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