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Originally Posted by Vlad_C View Post
As you probably already know, in a otherwise healthy person cramping is mainly caused by a potassium / sodium / calcium / magnesium deficiency, (rather than a vinegar deficiency).

Vinegar is acid - drinking a lot of that will leave you with no teeth, stomach ulcers, and possibly more serious problems caused by an acidic blood ph.

That said, I love some cold pickles on a hot summer day.

Anyway, if you experience frequent cramps, you might want to check that with a doctor, there might be other, more serious, underlying health issues at work there.

some more info on cramps:
I'd suggest you read up on studies involving pickle juice and vinegar as they relate to cramping.

Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
Pickle Juice...does it have electrolytes? Brawndo has electrolytes.
It definitely has sodium
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