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Well I appreciate that y'all would take the time to discuss it. It's a personal journey for me, and just this thread has given me insight.

To me, it's short-sighted for others to play to win (when there's no money on the line). To others I'm sure, it's short-sighted for me to only want to play people who can give me the physical pleasure I'm looking for.

Diff'rent strokes fo' diff'rent folks. Some people don't care how it feels, as long as they win. I don't care whether I win, as long as it feels good.

Playing pushers simply doesn't feel good, whether I win or lose. That's the best I can sum it up. And since the only reason I'm playing this sport is to feel good, I simply won't play them. Which means of course I can't play tournaments.
"The Pusher" - my new ball machine idea.

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