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the problem lies in your definition of "playing to improve". in your eyes, playing to improve means being able to trade groundstrokes w/ hard hitters. for most folks, playing to improve means understanding and acknowledging our weaknesses on the court, working to eliminate them, and mastering every stroke so that you can execute whatever shot the situation calls for. if you're getting killed by pushers, it means that your footwork, shot anticipation and consistency are clearly lacking.

the girl who had played college tennis...sure, she could stand back and trade groundies with you, but she probably had another gear or 2 and if she chose to turn it up a notch, she could move you around and hit right through you. or if she felt like it, she could have killed you painfully by administering a heavy dose of slice and dice. the point is she has improved her game enough where a pusher or a harder hitting rec player wouldn't force her out of her comfort zone.

playing pushers is fun when you're able to dictate play. you force them to play your game. playing pushers is frustrating when they're dictating. so improve your play so that you can start dictating play.

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