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Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post
Well, that's what does it for me. I play for pure physical pleasure and to watch my strokes get better, which gives me more physical pleasure. The competition is meaningless to me. Winning and losing are meaningless to me. In fact the other people on the court are meaningless to me. I'd love to have a ball machine with an hour's worth of balls in it and just hit shots over and over and over. The only reason I play against people at all is because I have to.

Maybe it's because I grew up playing golf. There, you're really not playing against anyone else, you're just hitting balls as best you can.
How do you know your strokes get better without competition and wins?

What do you mean you have to play against people? Are you 7 and being forced by parents?

The ball machine wish is easy. Get one. Mow lawns, recycle cans, do whatever to save $$$. It's only a few hundred dollars. I wish my love comes that cheaply.
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