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Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
brah im just pointin out ur contempt 4 pushers is misplaced. getting bein beaten by pushers is just a symptom of ur own limitations as a player

nobody enjoys playin or beatin pushers. u aint alone

only difference between u and most ppl is that most ppl take it as an incentive 2 improve, so that opponents have 2 stop pushin n use other tactics against them.

ur attitude otoh is so have a sook, take ur bat n ball n go home. which is cool i guess. if ur in elementary school
Are you kidding? I love to play them. In a world of crappy hitters, they're gems. If I'm good, i'll get to enjoy sending them running and trying various strokes. If we're equal, I'll get that too plus my own workout. What's to hate?
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