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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Are you kidding? I love to play them. In a world of crappy hitters, they're gems. If I'm good, i'll get to enjoy sending them running and trying various strokes. If we're equal, I'll get that too plus my own workout. What's to hate?
its borin. they either strangle u to death with ur own errors (if theyre better than u), or u beat them in a pretty straightforward manner usin approach the net tactics (if theyre not). u never get high quality rallies outta them unless they stop pushin when u start to beat them (which most of them dont cos thats all they know)

very unsatisfyin players 2 play against. only ppl who like playin pushers are other pushers

pushers are the poor man's ball machine. not what im really lookin for in matchplay

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