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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan Lobb,

I also must contradict you when you say that Hoad was dominating Rosewall on clay. I just cannot trust your 16:7 balance of Hoad on clay for 1957.

As far as I know Hoad and Rosewall stood 14:14 in their pro matches on December 3 (according to Joe McCauley).

In the 1958 Perrier Cup on clay Rosewall beat Hoad 4:1 matches. In the 1960s
Muscles dominated Hoadie clearly.

I have counted an overall 83:59 head to head of Rosewall against Hoad (amateur plus pro). In big events Rosewall leads 11:3...

But I concede that Hoad without his several injuries would have matched both Laver and Rosewall in the 1960s
McCauley's list is grossly incomplete, and he does not include many results, such as the most important clay tourney of 1957 at the Hague, where Hoad won over both Rosewall and Segura on red shale, or Cairo where the same result occurred. These were both five-set marathons.
Kramer recalls that Hoad won two-thirds of the 1957 tour matches against Rosewall, which McCauley cannot locate. (I don't mean to denigrate McCauley's useful work.)
In big events, Hoad had the dominance over Rosewall in 1959, winning against him at Forest Hills, Roland Garros, Kooyong. Wembley was a less important event than these.
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