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This has happened to everyone I'm sure, getting beat by someone you'd normally thrash who pushes and puts you off your game.

I remember a couple of months ago I played down the park with a couple of guys who were your usual public court rats. I'd been off for about a month or so but I still expected to whip them. But these guys were like professional public court amateurs (if that makes sense). Sliced everything but always got the ball back into play, and annoyingly got it back into play quite deep the majority of time. I didn't play a full match against them, but it was winner stays on for a game, and I remember losing quite a few in a row simply by beating my myself (and getting quite peeved about it too). Their soft shots simply invited the mistake, and I couldn't help firing long/wide.

In the end I just chilled out and played them at their own game by getting the ball back into play (since they could never hit a winner past me) and eventually the quality of my shots would out theirs (forcing them to error, or set up easy put away), and I stopped losing any games.

I think the trick is to keep it together mentally, play them at their own game (be patient and keep the ball in play) and wait for an easy winner/net put away. But even if they're a pusher, always respect your opponent in the sense that don't expect yourself to win before you've won.
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