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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
hello macerz,

i finally entered the 2000s by buying a 60" plasma tv.
it seems 1 of the component inputs is farked. only shows B&W not color.
guess i can either call LG or return it.
dunno if i will use component input anyway though. my hdmi cords will be here saturday.
can't decide if i should buy antenna or deal w/ Directv. trying to figure out how to get both AAA and Costco discount is giving me a headache.

also i was stoked to play BF3 last night and was hoping i would be blasting people up. instead i was horrible. the giant tv has thrown my aim way off and now i can't shoot anybody. dunno why my aim is so off. should be so much easier but i suck now.

anyway, let me know if u guys have suggestions on wut to do with 1) component input 2) directv and 3) why i now sux at bf3

thanks you. bb
there's a breaking period for plasma.. think most games are a no no due to static image.

pack it up and give it back to's like going to the gym without paying any gym fees.

edit: p.s it's 127 pages.. read it all to arrive at the conclusion that it "MAY" not be necessary.. you are welcome.

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