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Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
side note.. i see that coolblue is prob tied up on a rotating spigit next to a wheel of lamb... ransom note to come.
spinning pile of meat.... must not look into spinning pile of meat.... duhhhhh....

Went there today. had a beard to beard (well mine's is really only a 5pm shadow) talk with Mr. Jannat on world affairs over his TV screen on CNN. After agreeing that the world is a eff'ed place right now, he cooked me up some delish gyro on his "spinning pile of meat.... duhhhhh"
Couldn't really say alot of about his Kubideh (ground sirloin). It was alittle too lean for me, thus texture was too fine for me. Had their chicken curry and chickpeas as sides. It was okay. The flavor is pretty good, would prefer a thicker curry. Their bread was kinda hard though. Spent like $22 on lunch today, but it was a great experience. I enjoyed talking to the big bearded gentleman alot.
btw, what's the spice they put over their bag of fries? It's black pepper, salt, and a mystery spice. It made it really tasty!
Sap: Let me know when you have time in the near future. We can meet at Smithsonian and i must bring you to Kabob Palace. You'll be blown away.

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