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plz don't make fun of my component and composite inputs. everything i own is from 1982!

starting the upgrade process is painful.
but im gonna upgrade upgrade (cue beyonce)

break in period. ohhhhh sheeeeeeet.

apparently there is only 1 a/v input so i just have to wait until my hdmi cables arrive and then toss out some of my lame tivos and dvd players.

im getting a little better at BF3 but i used the excuse to buy a 320gb harddrive so i can actually DL the HD graphics for BF3. yeah, that's the ticket! (cue SNL dood)

can't believe this thing works after shoving it in my tiny car. and then i carried it in and set it up by myself. the thing is huge and weighs a ton and is awkward as hel.l. but i was determined to set it up. like a honey badger.

ok peace out. gotta look up bluray players and other gadgets to make the man-cave saweeeeet
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