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Originally Posted by subz View Post
Gold Prime do you know the difference between curiosity and obsession ?
Your post was so long , I didn't read it :/
I hope you are a (or an aspiring ) biologist ...because you are too obsessed with this topic.
I am curious and I googled for about 5 minutes, watched a clip from David Attenborough (great man) where he describes the Tiger as the largest fact calls it a super-cat ...

I am more concerned about tigers/lions being hunted by man and losing their habitats and planing my weekend =)

Relax, have a cup of tea. Go outside !

Tiger wins though
First of all to the yank to post's up named Pkshooter, I dident start the thread you mook, it state's the tiger fanatic who posted a tiger lungeing is the person who started the thread, wise ***.
An to: subz...aww you mad? You dident post any expert's, while I posted account's of lion's killing tiger's 1 on 1, which who care's if you dident read them, it just show's your a bia's chump that want's other's to go by false an random data. Video recording was only made in the 19th century, while histroical artifact's were capable of producing for thousand's of year's threw art, srcipture's, statue's sculpture's an there's only 4 for the tiger winning and there's over 50 for the lion...I can post them if you want to see them, beside's in video form there wasent a single account in history ever recorded of a tiger killing a lion, while there's 3 for the lion.
#1 Louis Talbot's animal documentry in India
#2 2011 Asian Reserve 2 teen lion's killed an adult tiger.
#3 The movie the big cage 2 tiger's died in the movie fighting Caeser the lion.
Dont give me this ******** that I should go I side...I work pal, an I came across a thread I had knowledge on, not just googling around an giving false an ******** data, which I just exploited, chump.
Your more concerned for there well being, yet you post the only thing you could find as an attempt to intice people in just what your Bia's for. Huh!
You want more (Real) Expert's?
#2.Tiger an lion Expert Dave hoover, said lions are the better fighterís.

#3. A tiger never fightís fair, but in a fair fight a lion can whip any animalÖ
Source: Milwaukee Journal november 12, 1959

#4.Burt Nelson owner an trainer of big catís, sayís lions usually whips the tigerís

Since you dont like to read much, I'll humiliate your pathetic attempt to (Act) as if you know what your talking about by just posting them 3 at a time, if you dont want to read them, then please...Dont!, let other's do, who actually want to read the truth, not some fanatic's who twist around detail's so other's like what you like. Huh!
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