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Originally Posted by Mig1NC View Post
Ok, so I went ahead and did it anyway. These are the results:

Two Location Solution
Weight / Location
10.0 gms / 22.8 in
43.0 gms / 4.3 in

Three Location Solution
Weight / Location
4.5 gms / 22.8 in
5.9 gms / 22.0 in
42.6 gms / 4.7 in
Why add 50+ grams to a 326 gram racquet if you're trying to match it to a 355 gram racquet?

Anyway, the calculators are awesome, but with matching problems like this the challenge is getting all that mass onto or in the handle. Actually, laying lead strips, or spiralling lead tape under the stock grip is probably the way to go. I've edited my first post above.
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