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Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
Drakulie, I am very skeptical if you are saying the pros you have strung for are stringing the mains and crosses the same tension even if they are using a hybrid.
You need to keep things in perspective and remember that "pros" means number 1 to 1000. Not just the top ten or twenty.

But yes, I would say most pros, even when requesting 4 knots (two piece) or with hybrids typically string them the same tension.

Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
I have seen numerous web pages and threads on this board showing a great deal of variety in string tensions between mains and crosses. There is plenty of information showing Roger Federer's tensions.
Correct. For instance, Tipsarevic, whom I strung for exclusively at Delray last year requested two knots (one piece), and 26kg mains 25 kg crosses. On the flip side, Andreev, requested 4 knots, and 24 kg (mains and crosses with same string, BBO). He also strung 24/22 kg.

But here are some other pros:

Donald Young, Solinco 63 lbs (one piece).
Jack Sock, Pro Hurricane Tour 38 lbs (two piece).
DelPotro, Alu Power, 56 lbs (one piece).
Marty Fish, Gut Mains, Timo crosses, 55lbs. (pre stretched both gut and timo)
kei Nishikori, Alu Rough mains 50, gut crosses 52. also 51/53.
Sam Querrey, one piece 60 and also 62 lbs.
Ryan Harrison, Pro Hurricane Tour Mains 56, Gut Crosses 60.
Wayne Odesnik, BBO two piece 50 lbs. (now twisted razor)
Kim Klijsters, gut 30kg
Jim Courier, gosen mains/alu power crosses, 60 lbs.
Dominic Thiem, IsoSpeed, two piece 26kg

As you could see, from my experience, which also includes futures and challengers, and nationals, most players just provide one tension, regardless of one or two piece, or if they are even hybriding.

Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
Tim Straw just had an article in, I believe, RSI magazine in which he states you should string poly 20lbs below the tension you were used to stringing your multi.
I know Tim very well and respect him a whole lot. He does a fantastic job stringing, teaching all about stringing, getting the word out, and making the stringing profession more recognized in the tennis community as a whole to make it more respectable. His symposium, which I have attended and was planning to attend again this year, but due to stringing at the national ATA and then Cincy Masters will not be able to attend, is in a simple description, Fantastic.

That said, I completely disagree with him. For example, what if someone strings their frame with regular synthetic at 35lbs? Are we to now string their frame at 15 lbs with a poly? I don't think so.

Tim is a big advocate of stringing low, especially with poly, and pushes proprotional stringing a lot. If that works for his clients, great. But make no mistake, it doesn't make it "law", nor has their been any evidence to suggest it will be the end all be all for every player. If this were the case, every pro would be stringing in the 30's or with one tension in the mains and another in the crosses, which they clearly aren't.
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