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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Tigers are much, much bigger than Lions in their fully grown state. They also get more practice in some ways as they're not social, unlike Lions who generally hunt in groups.

A large tiger is over 100lbs bigger than a comparable Lion. I think the tiger would win.
Uh again your over exaggerating or just plain out lying on the first page I already showed over 10, 800-900 pound lion's so how can a tiger as you said be way way bigger? Uh huh! Not very accurate now are we...Here's picture's of the average size showing they are no bigger than lion's [Averagely]

I have some other example's if you'd like to see, these are the average tiger with the average lion, again what ever weight the tiger has reached so can the lion, an please read what you post, tiger will have more fight experince because they are {LESS} social? XD XD XD XD Okay mate, I think you need to check your self buddie, here let me help you...
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