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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
What are you trying to hope to achieve by changing tensions in mains vs crosses?

Poly is going to lose tension much faster than a multi anyway, so why drop the reference tension?
Hi Drak,

i had a similar question. my preferred setup is Alu power @ 47 pounds CP full bed in a prestige pro prostock: 12.4oz 355 SW. i hit hard (for a 4.0/4.5) with a good amount of spin (mostly top, some BH slice) and will flatten out depending on the ball. i am a winner from any spot kind of guy (for which i am trying to control) directional and depth control is very important to me on groundies as well as flat serves.

i am considering putting syn gut in crosses to:
to soften the feel
be easier on my arm
improving amount of time i can play with a string job
save some money

will hybriding achieve my goals? will a hybrid lose the direction and depth control mentioned above?

I am am not sure what a good tension would be on the crosses. conventional wisdom says 45-47 pounds, will this give too much power. i was thinking to go higher in the crosses, say in the 50-52 pound range?

what tension would you suggest in this scenario?

i have OG sheep, do you have a suggested syn gut for this situation? pref not too expensive

thanks for your help and experience.
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