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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Still loving the NYC! After hitting one of Chris' sticks that head heavily leaded at the handle (check out his blog here), I decided to do that for mine. I don't know exactly how much lead tape I used, but I wrapped lead tape almost from the butt cap all the way to the end of the handle. Then I counter weighted it with just a little bit of lead at 10 and 2 o'clock. It's now around 11.7 ounces with a swingweight of 313 and 7 points head light balance.

So far so good!

Jason, TW
wow, looks like you can protect yourself from Superman's x-ray vision with that stick.
i tried to put lead on some of the Delta core sides. I had some really bad results. It felt like I was hitting with some dead balls. Maybe i am putting the lead wrong. I'll try 10/2's once I get my backup stick.
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