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Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
So Xonemains, you are saying go with Drakulie's suggestion to string mains and crosses the same and ignore the string manufacturer's instructions to string poly 10-15% lower? Or are you saying to string your poly the same as your multi? If I string my racquet with VS Gut mains at 60lbs should I string my poly crosses at 60lbs also? That's what is being said in this thread and it's complete nonsense.
The only time to typically heed the "string poly 10-15% lower" advice is for first-time users of the poly that want to string it in a full bed. Manufacturers advise such so that people don't get arm pain or get completely shocked by the stiffness of moving from full syn gut at 60lbs to full poly at 60lbs, for example. Otherwise, players can have success using poly everywhere from 22 lbs (F Volandri) to 68 lbs (J Blake). Most Recreational players though, should stay lower than 55, or they end up killing their arms, hence the "-10-15%" advice on packaging.

However, I think you are confused when it comes to hybrids, as for instance, 60 lbs gut mains, "most" people will string poly crosses at 58 or 57 (but some can also do 60, which is not at all "nonsense", while some may do 56# crosses at most, typically), but to drop it the "15%" would be crosses at *51*: and this setup, a *60lb gut main/51lb poly cross*, will possibly warp a frame, and also just play erratically. As poly also leaks tension more than other string types, it will go downhill fast.

I've seen a frame go from oval shaped to more circular from gut mains doing this, even after a 'normal' stringing of 60/56, as over enough time the crosses will have leaked up to twice as much tension than the mains, and the gut mains will be pulling strong, as gut holds tension exceptionally. Even 60/54 (using the -10% idea), would not be great advice, and you don't see many people doing this. The general consensus is to sometimes drop crosses about 1-3 pounds from mains, which will slightly alter the shape of the sweetspot as compared to crosses the same or stiffer than mains.

Stiffer frames may not warp or anything, but the playability is going to be compromised the more space you create between mains and crosses. I've tried it before stringing mains at 60 and crosses in the 40s... worst idea ever.

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