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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
Used to eat there when I worked for Booz in Crystal City.

I need to find somewhere to eat tonight before my adventure on U Street.
Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
dude, this is the place I hit all the time. I was there three times last week. I usually call ahead and drive it back.

Their Kubieh is good but alittle spicy (in terms of spices), bone-in chicken is good, but if you feel like spending $13, go for the lamb chops! It's awesome!
You have to wait at least 15 min for your food cause all their kabobs are cooked over a charcoal pit (it's in front of you).
Remember, when ordering (and the guy in the front has the personality of the Kabob Na zi), tell them no salad! You'll get two sides instead of one.
They got great sides! It's alittle greasy. But it's sooooo.... good.
Lahori Choley (chickpeas) I think you can only get it cooked right at this place and Ravi Kabob's down the road.
Spinach and Potato. It has a good kick to it. But really not into spinach.
Since today is Friday they serve Haleem (Goat cooked in this lentil stew. has a really good rich consistency)
and Bindi stew (Okra) didn't care for it too much. I prefer my okra the Indian way, dry and fried.
Oh yeah, get some of their raw onions and squeeze some lemon on there. It's goes really well with the sides.

Also, they bake their breads in a gas tandoor. Really good chewiness to their bread. Goes well with the cilantro/mint yogurt mix they give.
I'll definitely go next week again. if ur free and want to meet at Smithsonian, I can drive up there.

@JRK: Have you been to Crystal City Restaurant? =) That's VA's version of a boobie bar.

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