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The only area 2012 is better at is 3pt shooting. Even then the '92 squad could penetrate, dish out, and play more cohesively. They didn't need to shoot the 3 ball as much.

Frontcourt is a complete blowout for '92. Robinson/Ewing/Barkley/Malone/Pippen with Bird coming off for a spell would be too much for this '12 squad. Backcourt is a little more competitive, but Jordan/Magic/Drexler/Stockton with Pippen and Mullin sliding to the 2 would win out.

Laettner was just filler as '92 was already 2 HOF'ers deep at center. IMO '92 should have added Isiah Thomas/Joe Dumars and Shaq. Too bad Jordan threatened not to play if Thomas was selected. Sheesh...
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