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Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
So Xonemains, you are saying go with Drakulie's suggestion to string mains and crosses the same and ignore the string manufacturer's instructions to string poly 10-15% lower? Or are you saying to string your poly the same as your multi? If I string my racquet with VS Gut mains at 60lbs should I string my poly crosses at 60lbs also? That's what is being said in this thread and it's complete nonsense.
Hi Clintspin,

You didn't read my post right. I never said do exactly what drak says.

You can do whatever you want with tension, but I will say this.

Do not go more than 4 lbs difference in tension in between mains and crosses. You will wrap the frame over time.

So in your case, I would not go under 56lbs for crosses or over 64lbs.

Read my sig, don't use the same tension either

Good luck with it.
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