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Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
review. chick with bone is good. lamb was decent. sides were good. almost lost a tooth eating the salad.. same thing happened to thumber.. they dress their salad with rocks.

overall place is jannal.. but i'm still a fan of wheel of meat and like driving 5 blocks.
sap: dang ur fast! told u not to get them salad. never ask kabob palace for salad. Cardinal rule #2. #1 is never ask for anything that goes oink.

which side did u pick? Jannal is good too. But tell them their friends at KP says hi! =P

Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
CB.. do you drive to work? where do you even park. must be govie to have such long lunch breaks.
Yep, drives to work alot recently. Metro is not bad, but their train schedule is really inconsistent nowadays. I can stand taking longer, but I can't stand being late 10 min's one day and early for 15 the next. Really throws my schedule off after work to prepare for family dinner and getting kids.

Usually I just order ahead and take back. Really only takes 20 mins roundtrip, and usually if it's before 11:45pm. 14th street bridge is not that bad. Yes, like TC, me fed too.

Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
At Cvs across from kabob palace. That joint is worse than the return section of ikea. The number they are on is 52 and my number is 81. Top it off I threw away my number by accident.. Oops. I suppose I'll
Just sit in Cvs for the next 20mins
Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, the later it is, the more business they get. Plus it's Ramadian. Hope your food came out within 3 hours.

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