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right guys

another little update on YPTSS full bed @52/50

ive put 6 hours on this string so far and its playing better each time!!!!
there is no notching and the strings are still snapping back as im still getting loads of topsin.

i can only assume tension loss has occured as power levels are up but this string is low powered from the off so when i restring i will drop to mid 40,s.

the power level really suits me at the moment and i havent lost any control
ive just played 2 hours of doubles and im still killing points at the net better than any string ive ever played with so im well happy.

my 1st serve,s power is up but i put that down to tension loss and my 2nd serve has plenty of pop on it.

comfort is still very very good as ive just recovered from TE and a sore shoulder and im keeping a very close eye on this string.

im defo liking this string alot and it suits my game (doubles) but if i was to be playing more single,s i would either lower the tension or hybrid it with a more a powerful main as its hard work producing enough power for those winners!!!!
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