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Originally Posted by GarryClarke View Post
right guys

another little update on YPTSS full bed @52/50

ive put 6 hours on this string so far and its playing better each time!!!!
there is no notching and the strings are still snapping back as im still getting loads of topsin.

i can only assume tension loss has occured as power levels are up but this string is low powered from the off so when i restring i will drop to mid 40,s.

the power level really suits me at the moment and i havent lost any control
ive just played 2 hours of doubles and im still killing points at the net better than any string ive ever played with so im well happy.

my 1st serve,s power is up but i put that down to tension loss and my 2nd serve has plenty of pop on it.

comfort is still very very good as ive just recovered from TE and a sore shoulder and im keeping a very close eye on this string.

im defo liking this string alot and it suits my game (doubles) but if i was to be playing more single,s i would eith aslower the tension or hybrid it with a more a powerful main as its hard work producing enough power for those winners!!!!
Good review Gary. Looking for a new set up for my PD as the gut hybrid I had in there broke to quick for my liking. Have a syngut/poly hybrid in there right now which is ok but thinking full poly might be the way forward at mid 40's tension. The YPTSS sounds right up my street as doubles is my main game and I like spinny, firm strings. Where are you getting yours from if you dont mind me asking?

I have the PD set up as follows and now loving it. 5" of lead tape from 3/9 up to about 2/10 which is 5g total and 5g wrapped round the top of the handle to balance. Weight with 1 over grip is 338g which is just about right. Not measured the balance but similar to stock is my feeling. Plays beautifully with just 10g added. Had a match last night and no elbow soreness, having played 4 times this week. I was starting to worry as before the mod I was feeling a few twinges.
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50
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