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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
Good review Gary. Looking for a new set up for my PD as the gut hybrid I had in there broke to quick for my liking. Have a syngut/poly hybrid in there right now which is ok but thinking full poly might be the way forward at mid 40's tension. The YPTSS sounds right up my street as doubles is my main game and I like spinny, firm strings. Where are you getting yours from if you dont mind me asking?

I have the PD set up as follows and now loving it. 5" of lead tape from 3/9 up to about 2/10 which is 5g total and 5g wrapped round the top of the handle to balance. Weight with 1 over grip is 338g which is just about right. Not measured the balance but similar to stock is my feeling. Plays beautifully with just 10g added. Had a match last night and no elbow soreness, having played 4 times this week. I was starting to worry as before the mod I was feeling a few twinges.
hi jim

thought i would update this thread as im seriously loving this string
and mid to low 40,s is defo what im going to go with when i have to restring the PD again and 6 hours isnt bad!!!!!,its firm but not stiff as a board and i think you might like it

i got the string from http://www.**************.com/sectio...poly_tour_spin...

sounds like youve done some serious playing with the PD lol
ive only added 4x4 inches of lead tape to 3/9 4g in total,i did add 2g to 12 but i could feel it on my arm/shoulder so took it off quick sharp!!!!

isnt it strange that adding all that weight and you dont feel a thing but in stock form its giving you a few twinges??????
i went back to stock and then had my issue with TE/shoulder pain but i think that was down to the added weight at 12!!!!!

as for singles jim my knees wont do it anymore
anything short or too wide i dont even go for them and as the people who i play with no that and thats what they do,does my head in so im playing doubles now and am enjoying the breaks at the net lol

cheers garry

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