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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
now i remember where i heard about this game
you mentioned it somewhere and i looked for it. good find!
as i'm not one of the "top spin 4" guys i usually play only this when i have 10 min.

damn this Wilander. and clay is the most frustrating to win on.
hard court is the most fun to play on, and grass is mostly ace race..
Aggassi? way to go!
the problem with this game that it makes me all sweaty while at work
My fingers get tied up too easily

Against most of these guys serve and volley works well but against Agassi it's just impossible! I'm tempted to look for codes online and skip to Sampras to see how I do. I'm able to triple bagel Goran now, but I'd imagine Sampras will be a different challenge altogether
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