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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Actually its a monofilament poly string that is a solid piece of plastic.

'Poly' simply denotes the material used, not the form of construction.
NXT control is a multi-filament since it's composed of...wait for it...multiple filaments. Multiple, independent filaments are extruded independently and then wrapped around one another and coated with another material. There are seven independent filaments in this case: four poly and three nylon.

Some of the strands are polyester, some are nylon.

Therefore, the construction is multi-filament and some are poly and some are nylon.

The construction matters most since multi-filaments and mono-filaments play. Very differently.

What's throwing people off is that traditionally polyesters have been monofilaments (there are exceptions) while nylons have usually been multi-filaments.

Essentially, using polyester for a few of the strands will strengthen the string while suspending the multiple filaments in polyeurathane softens the entire construct.
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