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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan Lobb,

You are rather stubborn with some of your opinions. As Mustard rightly said, Wembley was an important event, most probably the most important of the pros' calendar. Frank Sedgman once confirmed this when I asked him about the matter.

I think the Hague and Cairo tournaments were part of the 4 man tour.

I once have found also a 10:8 pro balance of Rosewall against Hoad (probably October 1957).

Joe McCauley did not count those matches he listed up but brought an official 14:14 record on December 3rd!

I don't trust Jack Kramer too much because Kramer always belittled Rosewall. For instance he wrote that Segura owned Rosewall till summer 1958
which is most doubtful.

Kramer only once praised Rosewall when he wrote that Muscles would have won four Wimbledons if open era had come earlier.

I appreciate your Hoad admiration. Hoad was extremely strong when "on" but please try to stay objective.
Bobby, I will never accuse you of being stubborn, regardless of the evidence, so don't worry about that.
If Wembley had been the most important tournament in the late 1950's (in the early 1950's it was just about the only significant tournament on the pro calendar, at a time when the pro calendar was virtually non-existent) the most important players would have shown up in the Wembley finals. In 1957, 1958, 1959 the top guys contested the Forest Hills and Kooyong deciders, not the Wembley.
Sedge won the Wembley event in 1953 (when it was the most important event) and 1958 (when it was not the most important event).
If I won a tourney twice, I would rate it highly.
The 14:4 result is undocumented.
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