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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
Hi Douglas, Great to hear from you, i'm very suprised but really pleased you read my posting. Are you still around tennis much these days?
I live, eat and sleep tennis everyday. I'm fortunate enough that tennis is also my career as well as my passion. I run my own tennis club in London.
It would be great to talk more with you? I'm sure we can exchange a few stories about tennis. I would love to tell you about my latest tennis project, it would certainly take you back to the 70s & 80s? My email is
It would be great to hear from you. Best wishes-Jay
Hi Jay,

Don't have a lot of spare times these days, but will keep in touch. Your comments on many subjects are insightful an on-point - as are many of the other comments I've read in this forum. It reminds me of when I first became smitten by tennis. So, to use a cliche, I feel you. However, golf has moved to the top rung of the ladder in terms of my passion. I love Rafa, am glad Federer won Wimbledon (after Rafa was upset) not a Djoker fan, wish that Serena had consistently taken her tennis seriously and am depressed that the USTA has ruined American tennis. I think that golf is the perfect metaphor for life life. After all, we must play the ball where it lies.

Stay well,

P.S. I've copied your email address down and will write soon. You can befriend me on Facebook to see some tennis pictures that you are sure to like.

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