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Originally Posted by Rob1 View Post
It took me a long time to go back to poly's and found
these are easy on arm then.
They are:

Pro Line 11
Spiky Shark
Sonic Pro

All are 17 gauge and I use ther Sonic pro full bed in a flexible racquet.
I'm going to order some Pro Line II 17L to see how I like it. FWIW, I'm a long time Competition user and I got tennis elbow from one single session when I over did it. First time it's happened in my 20yrs of tennis. It's taken almost 2yrs to recover but now that I have, I'm still using Competition and have had not even a hint of a relapse.

BTW, does anybody use the TW University string database thing? I think it's an absolutely awesome tool and I always find it to be accurate. A long time ago, there was a very similar tool on a different site and that was also extremely helpful. I wonder if TW bought the rights to it and appropriated it for the TW site or something.
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