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Hey buddy, they're way too short and are off center, they are very strange, the only slight fail for these shoes. If they had the 2.3 tongue they would be 100% GSOAT for me. But, that said, I think the tongue is OK so far but I just like the attached longer tongues versus these smaller ones that don't stay centered and can tend to slide to the sides. I just love the cushioning of these when I walk, just like CB 2.3.
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What you meant with that mate

@jd: do you feel any difference compare to the 2k11? I like the V8 and even like the V9 more (they fit me better, I was between sizes for V, would I get on with them you think?
I love the V8 because they fit great but comfort level doesn't match these. These fit great like the V8 but the cushioning and comfort level blow the 8s away.

The V9 arches are just way too low for me.
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