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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Anyway, getting back to the original post, Dunlop Black Widow is softer, offers more feel, and is more arm friendly than all of those strings on the OP's list.

I completely agree. Even at 16g it's Dunlop Black Widow by a country mile. No contest at all. Been playing with the 18 gauge at 54 lbs in a Donnay Pro One, and its pretty effing sweet. Soft or no soft, I prefer it performance wise to my last textured poly fave, BHBR. I know you aren't big on lab testing, but in this case, the available test results agree with you. I've provided a cross section of the strings mentioned in this thread, the whole enchilada can be reconstructed here. Thought I'd share with the thread fwiw. BTW... how's your achilles tendon holding up?


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