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Speaking of similar...
I just had the chance to string two identical Head mg Radical OS.
One with Mantis Comfort Synthetic, the other with Pro's Pro Hitec Multifiber.
Both at 60 for a MCS fan. I'm looking forward to the feedback.
He may just have to look closely at the printing to tell the difference.
I've switched from Poly Plasma 1.28 to Plus Power 1.28.
The Plus Power doesn't have that pearly sheen that SPPP has.
Looks more like Sonic Pro.

An easy low cost inventory could be (reels):
Plus Power 1.28
Blackout 1.24
Ichiban Spin 1.21
Syngut 1.30
Hi Tec Multifibre 16
Gutex Ultra 17
$300 and you are set for a while with a broad spectrum.
Vendetta, Hexaspin/Twist, and Gutpower are also candidates.

BTW, the Syngut I got is translucent yellow/natural.
Neos 1000, Eagnas Combo 810
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