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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
indeed .....the best way to close out a match vs djoker is an unreturnable ( if you are serving ) , otherwise, bring him to the net and lob him, its way better than trying to hit scorching forehands or backhands or trying to move him side to side

Mental strength - overall sampras , but djoker 2011 seemed to be superior in that dept than sampras at any point in his career ......
Maybe, I dunno. The main problem I have is that I'm just too far removed from that era to remember exactly just how strong Sampras was mentally (in matches of at least moderate importance, we know how Sampras didn't pour his best efforts into all the tournaments). What I would say is, Sampras' style of play - I see it being the type that would drive Nole up the wall much like how Tommy Haas was able to do in the 2009 Wimbledon quarter-finals. I don't think Nole's passing shots are at an elite level, personally, and I think Sampras could have stripped him of enough time to notch those 2011 levels of mental strength down. Another example from recent times would be Isner against Nole at Indian Wells. In short, I think Nole's amazing mental strength was built around playing in a great rhythm and knowing he could out-rally anyone. Pete might have just taken any such rhythm away from him. Worth a short discussion.
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