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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
yes, rhythm is an important part of djoker's play. I'd agree with your statement provided it is on a sufficiently fast enough surface.

Otherwise djoker's return and baseline game would overwhelm sampras on slower surfaces IMO ....

the other thing is a 3 setter vs 5 setter. It is not easy to keep up an elite level of attacking tennis vs djoker for an extended amount of time/sets ...
Yes. I definitely prefer Nole on slower surfaces and Pete on faster surfaces. I think 5 setters between the 2 on any surface would have been mentally uncomfortable for both, because even if Nole were to be slowly grinding him down on a slower surface, he still would just refuse to offer him any real rhythm, and Nole would probably get throught he match without ever feeling that he was truly allowed to play the type of game he wanted to. I think he lacks the instinctive flair of a Nadal to truly make elite attacking players look a little bit muggy. I think Nadal's passing shots are on another level to Nole's and that he would have done better overall than Nole in a h2h series with Pete.
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