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Originally Posted by YellowBall77 View Post
I agree; Djoker's angles are incredible and he seems to geometrically bully his opponents. I somewhat prefer this style of beautiful point construction and defense to offense to Fed/Pete's gracefully potent offensive attack and definitely prefer it to ball bashers. I realize I am in the minority in this. I concede that an offensive 'shotmaking' style seems to appeal to a great many people and on some level I recognize its beauty and get why people would find it superior to a Nadal type style of play. But I find Djoker's groundstrokes magnificent to watch in a more real, visceral sense than Sampras' one two punch or booming forehand.

As a young 5.5 player who was never good enough to fulfill my dream of going pro, I watch pro tennis to see the game being played as perfectly as it me Djoker's groundstrokes minus the slice are about as clean and perfect as one can hit them.
While I admire Nole's often pristine timing, his forehand often looks awkward when rushed, and can become very loopy and be accompanied with an awkward and seemingly inefficient body shape. His backhand is a work of art, quite frankly. His slice is improving slowly, and his dropshots and lobs are both excellent and he strokes them with splendid touch and skill, no doubt.
''clay imo, is his best surface.'' - a most objective opinion on Roger Federer.

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